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Kim profile KIM MELHUISH

What drives me? I love being a part of the world of real estate! I was very fortunate in my past to have had the support of great realtors when buying or selling homes. Because of that, each sale and every acquisition is marked as such a highlight in my life, with such happy memories and feelings of pride and hope for what lay ahead. As a realtor myself now, I want to ensure that every person I work with comes out feeling the same way. I want you to feel like you have won big on both a personal and a financial level. I want you to feel certain that you are being heard and supported. I want you to be able to have fun with the process and to feel confident that I will be pouring all of my knowledge and experience into taking care of you and ensuring that nothing is overlooked or missed. We will keep the waters calm during points of stress, make thoughtful decisions when needed, keep eyes focused on the end goals - and we will have fun along the way. Nothing would make me happier than to help you with the incredible accomplishment of buying a new home that you can be happy in, selling a home so you can start on new adventures or to begin testing your hand into the world of investment properties. Nothing would make me happier than to help you win.

The C21 Difference.

At CENTURY 21®, we provide you with the most current information to assist you in making an educated decision when buying and selling real estate.With a global reach and local focus, we have a unique Canadian history supporting entrepreneurship, marketing, technology innovation, and homeowner education. For over 40 years we’ve set the gold standard in real estate.

We’ve been living and breathing real estate since 1976 when our doors first opened in Richmond, BC, as “a family-run business of family-run businesses”. Since then we’ve grown into one of the world’s largest real estate companies.

With a global reach and local focus, we pride ourselves on being truly Canadian, with 400 offices, over 10,000 network members in 272 cities, our C21 family reaches from coast to coast.

Our Vision: To be the most sought after real estate brand in the world.

Our Mission: To define and deliver the gold standard in Canadian real estate.

We invest in making each client’s dream, a reality. We’re passionate about home ownership – we love what we do.

We add value every step of the way. It’s the C21 way.

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